Prosoloo USB LED Clip Lamp

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Prosoloo USB LED lamp uses energy saving LED bulbs for its lighting sources, 
this lamp is ideal for various situations, for example as a reading light at home or for your office work, 
it's powered by ordinary 5V USB DC power, come with a 5V DC USB power adaper in the package, you may also use your mobile phone USB adapter or even the USB port of your computer to supply the power. 
the neck use flexible metal, you may bend the neck into the shape as you wish for gain the best condition of lighting, 
and the clip base may allow you to clip the lamp at any locations, which maximise the useage of this lamp, from the bed edge, table edge or anywhere there's a edge to clip on. 
with very simple design, this lamp erases all useless functions, only remains a switch to turn on and off, which make the lamp is extrodinarily easy to use and reliable.

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